Brooklands Barn

Brooklands Barn

We understand that asking all of our friends and family from up north to follow us down to Cornwall is a big thing and a big expense, so to help with that, we have come up with a free accommodation option so that you don’t have to worry about that.

Scott’s mum and dad have got enough land behind their property to turn it into a mini camping festival. If you have a camper van, mobile home, trailer tent… this would be perfect. As well as that if you have a tent that’s large enough for you to feel comfortable for the long weekend then bring that.

Scott and Emma will be staying there in the barn for 2/3 weeks so not only will the accommodation be free but we can holiday together!! This will also be the venue for the white party, so this may be the cheapest and most convenient place on our list.

Location Information

Brooklands Barn, Tregaswith, Newquay, TR8 4JG

To Wedding Venue14.5 Miles
31 Minutes
To The White Party0 Miles
To The Beach BBQ9.6 Miles
21 Minutes

Book Your Stay

Just so we can have an idea of numbers, if you do want to stay at Brooklands Barn then just complete the form below so that we can book you a space.

Depending on numbers, we will look at washing options if it’s needed. If you just make sure you include that in the form below, then we can have a look at the options.