Seventh of June 2024


Welcome Y’ALL to our WEDDING



Our Story

19th August 2020

With the odds against us, Tinder began our journey. No more than a week later we arranged our first date at The Shard, Poulton (Not London). We managed to dodge Covid Protocols and get 50% off our dinner, thanks to the government! We laughed, joked and had three courses! The gentleman that Scott is, drove Emma back to hers at the end of the date and then quickly pied off and sent home with nothing more than a first kiss!

3rd November 2020

Three days before Scott’s birthday we took a trip to one of our favorite places, Shrigley Hall Spa and Hotel. Apparently, 4 hours drinking Corona in the infinity pool and loads of presents is the way to Scott’s heart because it was on this night where he said those three short words that really showed how much of a lightweight he was!

22nd February 2021

New year came and went and we decided that living alone was nowhere near as fun as living together. We set a date and Scott started selling his things. It turns out Emma preferred living in a s*** hole, not having her spare room and losing her single person’s council tax discount! So, Scott turned up in Moorway, with 7 cardboard boxes, a body board and his hot tub. Things were getting serious.

4th June 2022

The time came, in The Big Apple, where Scott decided was the moment to ask Emma to do his washing for the rest of her life. We made our way to Central Park where Scott spent the whole journey successfully hiding the oversized jewellery box in his short pockets. We finally came to the famous water fountain from Friends where Scott asked an American Dog Walker if she would stop and take a picture of us as he was about to propose. Emma said yes and this put the icing and the cherry on an already incredible holiday.

24th June 2022

A week after we returned from America we exchanged keys and started the next chapter of our story. Dealing with solicitors was certainly easier from a sunbed in the Bahamas than the UK. We finally made it and we couldn’t be happier planning our wedding day in our new abode in Midge Hall.

Good Times We Had Together

The Wedding – 7th June, 11:30am

The Wedding Find everything you’ll need to know about the wedding day itself. The venue, food choices, transport and timings. Wedding Breakfast Menu Transport Bus 21 – Newquay to St

The White Party – 8th June, 7pm

White Party If you are not finished partying at our wedding, that was just the beginning of an epic weekend! Why not join us at our very own White Party.

The Beach BBQ – 9th June, 2pm

Beach BBQ If you want to join us this is the perfect way to clear the head and to finish off the weekend. Scott spent his GCSE revision on this