Party – The Gardner Party (Ash)

The Gardner Party

Thank you so much for your RSVP and confirmation that you can spend our special day with us. We honestly can not tell you how much it means and we cannot wait to share this experience with you.

Ash Gardner
Starters: Timbale of Smoked Salmon and Prawn
Main: Rack of West Country Pork
Dessert: Chocolate & Hazelnut Torte
Attending: Wedding Day, White Party
Emily Gardner
Starters: Crispy Tofu, Avocado, Grapefruit and Quinoa Salad
Main: Pea Pesto Linguine, Basil, Candied Walnuts
Dessert: Apple Crumble Cake, Toffee Sauce
Attending: Wedding Day, White Party
Henry Gardner
Starters: Chilled Melon & Soft Fruits
Main: Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Chips & Salad
Dessert: Jelly & Ice Cream
Attending: Wedding Day, White Party

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